Equalify incompatible with Tuneskit

Problem description:
If Equalify is installed, Spotify doesn’t work when loaded with Tuneskit.
When tuneskit restarts Spotify, the Equalify icon disappears, and Spotify can’t play anything. Error banner: “Spotify can’t play this right now…”

Equalify works without problem when Spotify is loaded without Tuneskit.
And if I uninstall Equalify, Spotify with Equalify works without problem as well!
Just to avoid misunderstandings, it’s not expected that Equalify works as equalizer while Spotify is used with Tuneskit, but to avoid that equalizer gets in the way. I’ve also talked to TunesKit Support (support@tuneskit.com), they said that “Equalify is a thrid-party plugin, not compatible with other plugins”. Would be great if we could sort this out somehow.

Operating system:
Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.17134

Standard HP Probook 430 G4 (Conexant ISST Audio driver)

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
TunesKit Spotify Converter for Windows 1.3.2

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