Equalify icon won't show

Spotify version:
It’s been an issue for a while but I didn’t really take issue with it until it wouldn’t fix itself as usual. Is this a known issue? If not, can this be fixed?

Equalify works fine with all current and previous versions of Spotify.

I get new Spotify releases early so if there was a problem with a new Spotify update and Equalify i would know about it around a week before its released to the masses and have time to update it.

You do not say anything about what version of Equalify you are using, You might have to re-install the latest Equalify update. If i remember right one of the latest updates fixed an issue with scaled displays and the button being hidden.

The admin panel shows that Equalify was loaded yesterday using your license. so it should work just fine.

I had the same issue.
Seems that if you install Spotify through the Windows store it will be installed in a really cryptical path.
Mine was: C:\Users\MyUsername\AppData\Local\Packages\SpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic_zpdnekdrzrea0

Since Equalify needs to be installed in the same directory, this can be tricky.
I manually downloaded Spotify with my browser again and then reinstalled first Spotify then Equalify and it works again just fine now!

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Hello, I’ve noticed the icon has come back, kind of strange though that it pops in and out as it pleases. My main issue now is that I have a second PC I’d like to use my license on. The icon has yet to show up to enter the key and all. The last update was in July from what the website says, but I just installed it a week ago. I’ll try to reinstall and see if it changes.

WELP found out what the issue was. Apparently Windows just went ahead and replaced the regular app with the windows store version. Sadly, this still doesn’t fix the issue. Fresh install of spotify and Equalify, and nothing.

Uninstalling the store version can be a complicated process actually.
For some reason, once its been installed and even if its been uninstalled, any new install of the desktop version will automatically be “upgraded” to the store version on first launch.

You can read through this post for some tips:

Using Windows 10, newest version of Spotify, have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, same goes for Equalify, however, even after playing a song, nothing appears.

See post above^^

It actually isn’t the windows store version. A simple check in task manager shows it’s still in the old installation area, along with the old icon (instead of the one with the white background and all. Unless it can still be “updated” with all those conditions, it’s the regular offline installer version. I got the icon to show up one time today. Can you see that 2 machines now use the license? It disappeared yet again on another launch. The icon is missing nowhere to be found. It’s very inconsistent and annoying.

Yes, i can see 2 machines using your license now.
You are aware that you have to actually play music for the EQ to load - it does not show up on Spotify launch.

I am playing music, it still will no show on the second computer. It does show occasionally, but after closing there’s no telling if it’ll show again.

I have same problem. I install SpotifyFullSetup and Equalify1.4.3-installer. First day all ok. Next day the icon disappears and does not help uninstall and install everything.

Same here. Icon in top left doesn’t show up anymore. Tried re-installing and restarting several times. The Icon is just gone.

My Spotify version is

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I have same problem with

Hello guys!

There is no point posting “me too” and the spotify version.
There is no way i can help you without more information.

Minimum required information for us to be able to help below:

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