Equalify icon overlap with navigation buttons of new Spotify interface

Problem description:
Basically like the title says, the new interface of Spotify puts the navigation keys to the top left. And the Equalify button overlaps with them. This makes it harder to click on it. Here is a screenshot for demontration.

Operating system:
Windows 11 22H2

Creative Sound Blaster X4

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version (master.e82eff7)/16

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
I don’t think thats relevant



Thanks for the screenshot. Guess they are testing out a new UI.
I have the same Spotify version as you, and i still have the old UI on all my machines.

I will get it fixed when i get the new UI. In the meantime - if you have hotkeys enabled in the equalify settings (under misc)- you can press ctrl+alt+e to show/hide the EQ without having to struggle with pressing the button.


I have the same thing on my version. I have to click in precisely the right place to get Equalify

@JosNZ and @cdk9 I still dont have the new UI, but i do have a version of the EQ that should fix the issue.
If you want to test, let me know!

I can test, I have the same issue with overlapping.

Sure, I would gladly test and see if it fixes the issue.

Uploaded a version to the website now that should fix your issues.
Moved the EQ button further to the right, and made it possible to adjust it later via a config file if its not in the best position.

Available for testing here: https://www.equalify.me/dl/Equalify1.4.12-installer.exe


Thanks for fast work as always :slight_smile:

1.4.12 fixed it for me, now it’s just some fine tuning required to get it vertically aligned with the rest of the icons.

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The fix works perfectly. Thank you very much! :grin:


Hey, its been a minute @Jumpy !

Thank you both for the feedback, nice to know it works :slight_smile:
Now i just need to get that UI on one of my machines…

I added the X and Y coordinates for the button to the config file as well for this release.

Soo…If you want to attempt to align the button yourself, you can open up the equalify2.eq file in %appdata%/equalify and edit:

"MainButtonX_n": 160,
"MainButtonY_n": 10,

You have to close spotify completely before editing, or the changes will not be seen by the EQ.


thanks alot for the quick fix!

i did put it at

"MainButtonX_n": 150,
"MainButtonY_n": 19,

now, looks good to me. at first editing these didnt change anything, then i realized my commands were missing the “_n” part. so make sure to add it if needed


It sure has been a minute @Notrace , time flies!

Not sure if the EQ icon has always done this, but it moves when resizing the Spotify window. Haven’t reflected over it until now.

I have the icon perfectly aligned for maximised window view, but the second I go out of maximised view the EQ logo moves down and a bit to the right.

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It sure does.
I do believe that has always been a thing, when maximized the borders of the window is removed and position calculations will change.
I also know i used to have a check for that and move it the few pixels when maximized or not to make it match… BUT i guess there has been probably 10 Spotify GUI rewrites since then :man_shrugging:

I’ll take a look at that too next week!

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Tack så mycket!!! This link solved the problem! Thanks again!

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