Equalify (free) stopped working with old pre-1.0 Spotify?

Hello, my first time here in these forums. I have been using Equalify (free) for years and love it. Today it stopped working.

Problem description:
Today it has stopped working, and if I right-click on the EQ button I am see a message box: “Equalify - Not valid! You can not turn the EQ on! The Trial / Test has expired, or your account has been blocked!”.

I have tried reinstalling 2.2.0 but no joy. Spotify is still working OK, just no EQ.

Operating system:
Windows XP SP3.

Realtek HD Audio

Spotify version
Spotify (I detest the new Spotify) and Equalify 2.2.0 stable (free version).

Any special software you might have installed:

Hello @JPCoetzee.

I’m afraid the old free Equalify is no longer supported or maintained, it hasn’t been for over a year.

If i remember right the last version of Equalify free was 2.5.3 not 2.2.0. You should try searching the web and see if you can find it. I do not have it available here anymore.

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Many thanks, that has worked.

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