Equalify (free) not working with spotify 1.0

Problem description:
The Equalify logo shows up next to the “Help” tab but when I hover over it it says “Status: ON, Limiter: ON, Preset: RESET” When I try to click on it it does nothing…Same problem as earlier post I uninstalled equalify and reinstalled with latest equalify.Was going to buy pro but not till I can get it running

Win 10

Realtek high def in laptop
Spotify version

Any special software you might have installed:
ie. Razer Gamebooster or Cortex

Thanks for contacting us.

It sounds like you are trying to use the old Equalify EQ on version 1.x of spotify. The old EQ will not work on spotify versions 1.x or greater. Equalify Pro will work on 1.x and greater. Makes sure you refer to this link before upgrading to PRO

Hello @noony,

Like @DigidyDOG said, the old free version of Equalify does not work with Spotify 1.0 and above.
It will behave just like you said with the button in the wrong location and it will be un-clickable.

On the positive side though, the eq loaded, so Equalify pro will also load and it will work.

So to sum it up. The old free version of Equalify will not work with any version of Spotify released the last 6-7 months. And it has been unsupported and unmaintained for about a year. Equalify Pro was made as a replacement and it works with Spotify version 1.0 and above.

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