EQualify for Windows 10 App


Hi, Spotify came out with a Windows 10 app (not desktop), will you guys support it in the future?
Also, will i lose my product if I uninstall the desktop version of Spotify?


The windows store app and the normal desktop app is the exact same thing.
The same executables and other files.

Only difference is that the windows store app is installed to a different directory that is protected by the operating system - which means i can not place my dll in the folder and Equalify will not work.

I would suggest using the regular desktop version instead.
Download here: https://spotify.com/download

I do not see the store app version being supported any time soon.

In theory, if you could get write access to the windows store app folder you could place/install the EQ to that folder and it would work just fine.
But write access to it is not you can easily get.

if you install the store version, it will delete your old desktop version of Spotify including Equalify.
Just uninstall the store version and reinstall the desktop version and Equalify to get things back to normal.

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