Equalify for the entire Windows


Are you planning to expand the equalizer from only Spotify to all of Windows?

I have a very loud subwoofer, witch cannot be turned more down than it is right now… Will it be possible to use Equalify outside Spotify?


.#windify or Equalows?!@Notrace make this a thing


There are no plans to make Equalify a system wide EQ.

Making Equalify work with other apps, not just spotify, is not planned either, but this might change in the future.


There are no good equalizers out there - except equalify.

This expansion would mean a lot to very many people :slight_smile:


This would create a much bigger market. Great idea!

Whoops… My own post xD


At least you are passionate about it :smiley:

I’m afraid its still not something that is planned though.
What apps do you have in mind that needs an EQ ? (just curiosity)


It’s an old post, but I lol’d a little.