Equalify demo?

Hi there, sorry if Its already asked but I didnt found answer. Can I get some kind of equalify demo? Its because I am fully blind and using screen reader to operate PC. Many software around is not accessible so I cannot use it. SO I need to check accessibility before purchase. If demo is not applicable, maybe you can give some timebased license. Thanks.


Unfortunately i have to tell you that Equalify will not work for you.
When Equalify was developed, as a hobby project, accessibility was not something i thought about.

That said, i have tried working with another blind user a while ago to try to make Equalify work with screen readers such as NVDA. But due to how the app was created and the whole GUI being custom created and not using any of the standard windows controls, it proved impossible to get it to a state where it would work decently.

So as it stands now, pretty much every button, option, slider and setting in the EQ is invisible to screen readers.

I have learned though. And accessibility is something i will think about for future projects.

Thanks. JAWS is much more powerful screen reader. Its has own scripting language and working inside many non-standard applications. If Equalify can be operated and navigated with keyboard, chanses are biggeter that it will somehow work with jaws. But if arro keys, tab, space doing nothing, you are 100% right.

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