Equalify crashes on song play

Reinstalled both spotify and equalify after a clean windows reset, now spotify crashes whenever i play a song and won´t launch again until i shut down spotify completely. Worked flawlessly before windows reset.

Windows 10
Spotify v.
Equalify v. 1.1.1

My first thought is that you should try rebooting and possibly reinstall equalify.
you can also go to %appdata%/equalify and move the equalify.dat and equalify2.eq files somewhere else and try restarting/playing a song in spotify

have already rebooted and reinstalled both spotify and equalify multiple times without succes. %appdata%/equalify only contains a txt file titled “sources”. As said i cannot play any songs as long as equalify is installed.

But it worked flawlessly before a windows reset. wonder if there could be something its missing.

Could you try downloading and installing this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=5555

Then see if it works.

It didn’t, in fact it now crashes on startup.

Let me send you a private message with a link to another installer

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