Equalify crashes/freezes on spotify version

Problem description:
the problem is spotify crashes on start up with equalify installed on version, if i uninstall equalify spotify works fine. https://i.gyazo.com/564d1c1aa29dcf8152062161f33aaa88.png

Operating system:
windows 8.1 pro

using on board sound card, Realtek HD audio

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

I’ve got kind of a similar problem since the mentioned update
(Just to mention it, I’m running Windows 10 Home.)
After starting Spotify, it does not load but rather stays in this screen until I close Spotify:

After uninstalling Equalify, Spotify also works fine for me again.

Glad to see it’s not just me, who has got this problem.

Yep, getting the same issue here aswell. Uninstalling Equalify fixes the issue. Spotify just stays on that gray screen.

@nathandj1100 @Lolnarr @Undamaged
Please post some stats about your computers so we can try to narrow it down. I’m on the same Spotify version as you and have no issues. Same with a lot of other users.

OS, Spotify version(to verify you all have the same versions), soundcard(s) including bluetooth headsets and other headsets that use usb, and any dacs/amps connected…

The issue seems to affect a lot of you so we’ll figure something out.
Also do you all use Nvidia ?

I’ve actually just managed to replicate the issue, and i’ll be looking into it the next few hours.
Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix.
I love when Spotify changes things without telling anyone :laughing:

If any of you are willing to help test a fix when i have one ready please send me a PM so i can send you links to the test releases.

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I’m having the same issue as @Lolnarr . Just started 2 days ago. Win 10 home, onboard mobo sound card. Nvidia GPU. Logitech headset.

Seems like the fix is working as it should so i’ll push it out to the people that has opted in for the beta releases first, and if i get error reports on the new version the next day or two it will be put out as an auto update.

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The initial fix worked fine for all users except those on windows 8.
A new fix is being released tomorrow that will fix it for everyone.

Once the fix is out (Equalify Pro 1.2.6) you can download it on the main website (members area).

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