Equalify Bass Boosting Preset


Hi all!

I noticed there was a lack of bass boosting profile on Equalify so I’ve chosen to go ahead and make one you may like :slight_smile:

This works well for bass heavy songs, such as Drum heavy or Hip Hop style songs (specifically tested on both).

First you’ll want a low band (top filter) at around 300Hz & +10db (for suber bassy bass).
You’ll also want a high band (bottom filter) at around the same point, but a negative -10db (to filter out all other sounds)

In order to minimise distortion you may also want to throw in -2db on the gain, so as to avoid those horrible scratches that can be caused.

If done right it should look something like the above image.

Alternatively, for bass boosting without muffling other sounds you can ignore the second filter and simply add a Low Shelf filter at the top, at the same point, and add a -2b on gain.

Both of these pre-sets work to create a super satisfying (for my ear at least) bass heavy sound without the distortion that often comes from bass boosting a track.

Hope someone enjoys this as much as I have!


Wow is there really not a bass boost preset saved in the EQ…
Must have gotten lost somewhere!

Thanks for sharing :smiley: