Equalify bars visible but not working

Problem description:
Although the Equalify bars are visible within Spotify nothing happens when clicking on them (no visuals or options)

Operating system:

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

It has probably managed to save the wrong position of the EQ in the settings file.

Start spotify, play music and click the eq icon once. then right click the same icon and “reset eq position”

That should do the trick!

Thanks for the suggestion.

That doesn’t appear to work. Although the bar icon briefly changes colour when clicked it is as if it is not recognised. All I get is the same windows menu as if I’d clicked on the windows bar behind it.

I’ve reinstalled Equalify with no joy. As far as I’m aware there were no changes ot the PV config when it stopped working (Windows updates, Spotify update etc).


if you Right-click the eq icon you should get this menu:

Is that not happening ?
If so you can try this:

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That’s done it, thanks!

I didn’t get that menu and the coordinates were set as 2121 and 106 respectively?

Anyway, sorted now cheers :slight_smile:

The menu not showing up i don’t understand, but those coordinates suggests that you might have had a secondary monitor/tv connected and moved the eq there (and removed the secondary monitor before starting spotify back up).

Anyways, glad its fixed!

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