Equalify 1.4.9 not showing in latest Spotify version (Spotify for Windows

Equalify ver. 1.4.9. is not showing in Spotify for Windows ver.

I activated my license three weeks ago and have really enjoyed using the software. but today it did not popup when spotify started and I have done several actions to make it work again with no result.
the actions I took (in order) was

  • restart spotify
  • re-install equalify
  • restart PC
  • re-install both spotify and equalify
  • restart PC.

Can anyone help me?

(Windows 10)

Hi there,
I have the same issue since today’s Spotify update. I have the same version of Spotify.

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Hey guys,

I’m seeing the same thing here and i am looking into it!

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Same here, can’t use Spotify at all as I haven’t activated my license yet.

I’ve identified the issue and i am working on a fix.

I will post an installer in this thead soon for a temporary fix while i figure out how to distribute the permanent fix to only the people that has the latest spotify version. Because the fixed equalizer will not work with the old spotify clients…

TL;DR; of the issue is: Spotify has removed part of the GUI from the new clients that Equalify was using to hook in and display itself.


@Joakimramn @GeorgeW @ivulash

I would appreciate if you could test this version of Equalify and let me know if you notice any issues.

Equalify 1.4.10-5031-HotFix


It works, thank you so much!

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No, Thank you for reporting the issue and helping me with testing!

Yeah, thanks works perfectly

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I appreciate this bug been fixed before i even woke up :smiley:


In installed this version with the latest version of Spotify but how do I start the EQ? The pop-up to ask for username and password doesn’t appear.


The login dialog will show up when you play music.
Equalify loads when audio is played.

You must have spotify version or later for this hotfix to work.
If you have a spotify version below that, you have to use the download on the main website.

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Sorted. I saw someone else say that too and yep, sure enough, it worked.
Thank you.

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Brilliant quick update. Thank you. I just came across your plugin today, was pondering and reading the threads then bought it after seeing how fast you rolled out this update.
Excellent support.

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Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

I try my best to always keep the EQ up to date, but sometimes i get blindsighted by Spotify.
I usually get spotify updates a bit ahead of time so i have time to fix any issues before the update is rolled out to the masses. But not this time :smile:

Updated the installer again.

Equalify 1.4.10-5052-HotFix

This will be the release version that will end up on the website once the majority of people are running spotify version or higher.

You must have spotify version or later for this hotfix to work.
If you have a spotify version below that, you have to use the download on the main website.


This only worked when I ran Equalify1.4.10-installer.exe as administrator. Strange, because the installation folder was C:\Users\<my_username>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify (not system wide).

Must remember to play music after restarting spotify (file->exit !!) after the Equalify installation. Glad you got it working. :slight_smile:

This original issue has been solved so i am closing the thread.

If you believe to have problems relating to this particular issue, feel free to create your own thread and include as much information as possible.