Equalify 1.3.1-4133 Beta thread

This is the place to discuss all issues and suggestions when it comes to the Equalify 1.3.1 beta release.
1.3.1 has gone out to the people that has opted in for beta releases.

[*] Fixed crash that could happen in the settings window when selecting yes on the “keep changes” dialog when closing the settings window.

[+] Added DPI / Scaling to all the elements of the EQ (set to automatic by default). Can set the scaling of the EQ manually in the DPI tab in the settings window.
[+] Skinning support added. Currently only two built in skins available.
[+] Green Skin added and set as default. Can change to original colors in the GUI tab in the settings window.
[*] Fixed issue with update window where the remind me later button dodnt actually work…
[*] Added scaling to the Update library as well.
[*] Many small fixes and tweaks
[*] “re-branded” from Equalify Pro to Equalify.


Auto update not working, as i can’t see any “accept” or “remind me later” button :frowning: I can’t find the 1.3.1 update on this site either?

I’m afraid that is because of your windows scaling as well…
Thankfully this update should all of that.

The update was just pushed out and the installer for 1.3.1 has not been uploaded to the website yet, but it will be available soon.

Link to the 1.3.1 installer: https://www.equalify.me/dl/Equalify1.3.1-installer.exe