Equalfiy won't open and is no longer green but grey bars

I use to have Equalify Pro on my old computer. I just got a new Dell XPS 15 2 in 1 laptop yesterday.

Windows 10 Pro.

I finally was able to get Equalify Pro to upgrade to the latest software…the pop up window was too small. Changed to 200% and it worked for the upgrade download.

Before the upgrade the popup window about the upgrade was small and when I tried to right click on the green upper left Equalify bars it was very hard to get it to open. I had to move the cursor around and keep clicking randomly and it finally opened. That took minutes to accomplish. Mostly it would just open a small grey popup that says Reset EQ position. Clicking on it does nothing.

Since the upgrade to Equalify I get grey Equalify bars in the left corner and the Reset EQ position is all it will do when right clicked on. Clicking on Reset EQ position does nothing.

It is acting super buggy and a couple of times clicking on the grey bars it changed the size of Spotify window and the bars turned green for a moment.

I upgraded to the Top Tier although I already had a Standard Tier because I thought that was an issue. It didn’t change anything except I am out 15.00.

The only thing that might be off on my end is the fact that I don’t have another audio device connected right now because of upgrades going on with my stereo systems. There is only the Realtek audio device in Playback Devices Window.


The new icon for equalify is white/gray:

If you hover the mouse over the icon it turns green. And if you left click it it will show the EQ.
if you get the popup menu you are right clicking.

Not having any other audio devices has nothing to do with… anything… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure i understand what the problem is though…

So that explains the new color.

But no amount of hovering, left clicking, right clicking does anything except give the small pop up that says Reset EQ Position. If I click that nothing happens.

I can’t access the Equalify control panel. The only thing I can get is a pop up box about EQ that does nothing.

Left click the button once, then right click and reset position.

Left clicking does nothing. i have to right click the grey/white bars to get the Reset EQ Position box to pop up. Then no amount of left clicking or right clicking on the Reset EQ Position box will do anything.
Plus right clicking the bars doesn’t always open the Reset box.

I still do not understand.
If the button is there, and you can left or right click it you should be able to show the window just fine.

Can you show me a screenshot of how your spotify window looks with the eq button visible ?

Now at least the Reset EQ Position box is opening with a left click but also a right click. I have the Spotify window in smallerl screen. It was full screen earlier.

The screen shot with the Reset EQ Position box open is all that I can get the Equalify icon to do. If I click the the Reset box left or right click it does nothing.

Full Screen if that makes it easier to see.

The EQ icon is in the wrong position, meaning its an older version.
You should get an update dialog when the EQ loads. You need to update to the latest version to fix that bug.

I finally was able to get Equalify Pro to upgrade to the latest software…the pop up window was too small. Changed to 200% and it worked for the upgrade download.

Try changing your windows scaling to 100% and restart your machine
that way spotify and the old equalify version will work fine
and you will be able to update it without issues

Then you can set your windows scaling back to what you usually have.

Earlier I was able to get the Equalify app to upgrade. Somehow I got the app to open the Equalify GUI and in there I changed the Scaling setting to 100. I reopened Spotify and the Equalify app did upgrade. At least it acted like it was upgrading. I don’t know if it actually did.

I have now gone to display setting in Windows and changed Scaling to 100. When I open Spotify there is no Equalify in the upper left corner.

I will post screen shot of the Scaling setting and the Spotify window after changing to 100%.

I’ve made a new installer that contains the latest version:
Download and install this: https://www.equalify.me/dl/Equalify1.4.2-installer.exe

Then restart spotify and play a song - let me know if that helps

I uninstalled both Spotify and Equalify and reinstalled.

I reinstalled Spotify and used the new 1.4.2 installer.

With the scaling set to 100% I can open the Equalify GU and it seems normalI. When I reset scaling to 250% recommended I have the same issue. Equalify is very small icon and only get Reset EQ Position box that does nothing.

I have literally been messing with this for half a day. I am going to step away. I will probably try to install it on another PC I have tonight.

I will update you if something is different on that computer.

I did just install on my MacMini bootcamped with Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 8.1. It worked perfectly.

The computer I am having issues with is a brand new Dell with Windows 10 Pro. I made sure not to use the Windows Store version of Spotify on the Dell.

Actually the MacMini is the only one that I need it on. I was just trying to get it to work on my new laptop.

I am satisfied right now. But because I was having so much trouble I ended up buying the Top Tier for some reason. I now have two licenses and I only need to have one on one computer.

Do I request a refund on one here or somewhere else?

Thanks for you efforts. I have no idea what is up with the Dell. Let me know if you need any specific info about my computer software.


I just thought, the Mac Mini has multiple audio devices and the Dell only has one Realtek. I know you said it has nothing to do with it but that is the only thing I can think of that is different.

Hi. I have the same issue: grey icon which won’t allow me to open the app, even though I’ve downloaded your latest version. Any update coming to fix this ?
Thanks a lot.

Hello, I have the same issue. Grey icon is not clickable. You can right click it to get the reset button that does nothing at all. I have version 1.4.2.

@Manu_13 @kchill
Grey bars is correct, its updated to match the new spotify UI.

What is your windows scaling settings ?
And can you show me a screenshot of how the icon looks in the spotify window, i only need the top left part of the spotify window.

Hello, here is my screenshot. I use 300% scale at 3840x2160 resolution. I turned the scale down to 100% earlier to see if that changed anything but it didn’t. Thanks.

remember that you need to restart your machine after changing scaling in windows for it to take full effect.
It is guaranteed the 350% scaling that is the cause.

To be clear, is Equalify no longer compatible with scaling? I need scaling in order to see programs with a 4k monitor, I can’t restart the computer every time I need to use Spotify?

It is compatible with scaling, but 350% is insanely high…
After spotify updated its gui scaling became a little harder, so i think the max scaling that will work properly is 250% or 300% at the moment.

I will see if i can create an update within the next few days that will fix the issues with super-high scaling percentages.