EQ Pro, how to install on 2nd Computer?

Hey there,
I bought the basic eq. It runs on my PC perfect, but for the school I have a notebook. I want to run it on it too, is it possible without buying a second version?

With the basic version it is one or the other.

You only get 1 activation meaning only one key.

I would suggest to choose the one you use the most or upgrade.

Check out this thread if you decide to upgrade…

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Thanks for that at first.
So I choosed my Computer, but now I have a new problem. My Graphiccard broke, at first I thought there would be problems with the driver, I reinstalled them, but still there where problems with the card.
I made my computer completly new, so I installed Windows 10 new. I thought there would be no problem with EQ because they key is binded on the mac adress, but now it says the key is already activated.
How can I solve this problem? Would be not very nice if you need to backup your Computer, that you need to buy a new license… this can happen some times-

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Easy fix :slightly_smiling:

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