Dwmapi.dll missing error


Problem description:
Hi just installed pro on an XP service pack 3 machine. When I run spotify it says it can not find the dwmapi.dll and that I should re-install which does not solve the problem. I know there is some debate about whether it will work on XP but if this is an easy fix then great. If not I will have to look to install a later version of windows. For spotify to work I have had to uninstall Equalify Pro.

Operating system:

Outboard USB DAC (Microstreamer)

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
You will find the version info in Settings->About

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
ie. Razer Gamebooster or Cortex - no

I’m afraid XP is no longer supported, and i don’t think there is an easy fix for that issue.
Equalify Pro uses Windows functions that just aren’t available in XP.

Trying to maintain compatibility with a 15 year old OS that lacks a lot of functionality from modern OSs meant a lot of compromises in the code that could no longer be justified.
XP and Vista are both no longer supported by Microsoft and no longer supported by us.

Not the answer you were looking for but thats the facts :slight_smile:

Ok thankyou for letting me know, it might be worth stating now on your web site that these 2 versions will not work.

Well it does say that windows 7 and above is supported, but i’ll see if i can make some subtle changes to make it more obvious.

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