Downloaded equalify update and now wont appear in spotify (resolved)

Problem description:
after update equalify button at top left is non existent or not appearing to me

Operating system:
windows 10

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

After Spotify updates, you might have to restart Spotify for Equalify to work.

After Spotify starts, play a song and the bars will appear.

I have definitely restarted spotify multiple times and still nothing appears in the top left as it once did before the update ( i have been playing songs)

Not widows store version, right ?

Have you tried just reinstalling Equalify from the website ?

I just went through the 1.4.7 equalify installer again, but the screen just closed after the installer finished so theres no way to tell if it did anything

here i am back on the main screen after going through equalify installer again and exiting spotify and relaunching

Shut down Spotify. (file->exit)

Open up %appdata%/spotify in the file explorer, see if there is a file called dsound.dll there

if its there open %appdata%/equalify and remove equalify.dat and equalify2.eq
If you have custom presets saved you might want to back up equalify2.eq

Restart Spotify and play a song

thanks for the help it just came up nice support channel!

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