Does not work with Focusrite Scarlet and an ifi DAC

Just purchased.

I cannot seem to be able to install.
Followed all steps including unistalling the windows store version of Spotify and dowloading the proper one.

Please help resolve or refund.

What do you mean not able to install ?

Does the installer not work?
Does it not show up in Spotify after you restart spotify (file->exit) and play a song ?
What is the version number of your spotify install? (help->about)

Thanks for the response.

No it did not appear even after several times I uninstalled and reinstalled eq.

After I finish the install nothing is created on my desktop

Version number:
Spotify for Windows

It will not add any icons on your desktop.
Once Equalify is installed it will load automatically in spotify when you play the first song after starting spotify. I know its a cliche but, a lot of problems are solved by doing a full reboot.

What kind of Soundcard do you have? or do you use any special audio hardware/software ?

I have an ASUS realtek(R)
Also connected to a Focusrite Scarlet and an ifi DAC.

I assume you play music through one of those devices.
Unfortunately most ASIO drivers/devices will not work with Equalify as noted here:

I think the best solution is to just do a refund.
But, if you could try setting your realtek as your default out and see if that works that would be nice.

Thank you for the detailed answers and for your prompt responses.
I would like a refund please because I am using my dac and sound card as default outputs for several reasons…

thank you again for being so kind.

No, no. Thank you for being so understanding.
We want happy customers, and if it doesnt work for you its only right that we refund the purchase.

Payment has been refunded, and you should get a mail from paypal shortly.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Email received.

One of the best customer supports I have encountered.

I will at least recommend you.

Take care!

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