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How can you disable the automatic start of equalify, if you start a song. I want to start Spotify, click on a song and not have equalify enabled. I could not find a setting to turn the automatic activation off.

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If you do not want Equalify to load when you start playing music in Spotify, you have to uninstall Equalify.

If you just dont want any of the audio to be altered you can just turn Equalify off using the on/off button in the top left of the Equalify window.

The thing is: When I turn off Equalify via the On/Off button and restart Spotify, then Equalify is automatically turned on again (Equalizer enabled), so I have to manually turn it off again.

Sounds like a bug. It should save the setting.

If you hit the “reset” button, it will be the same as turning the equalizer off. When there are no bands the audio should be passed through untouched - as long as the gain is set to 0.0 and none of the extra stuff is enabled under the DSP tab in the settings.

Will investigate why the on/off setting isn’t saved.

If you open settings->misc and enable beta build opt-in there is a new build available that includes a fix for the on/off setting not working as it should.

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Working, thanks for the quick response!

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