Device Toggle Button


So I find myself changing between only two devices and I think it would be cool if there could be a toggle on the main screen next to the “bands” button make it say toggle, when you click it, it switches to the other device you have setup…

Here are some mock up visualizations:

Toggle button: Once clicked it will toggle between the two selected outputs in the next image (without having to click apply. Just click the button and done)

In this next image this is how you would set it up…there would either be a drop down or what would be cool is if you can just drag and drop the above outputs into place without actually moving them, but the drop down would probably be easiest.

So by checking the “Enable Device Toggle” box it will determine if you see the toggle button in the first image.

Then this is where you setup the toggles maybe even make it an infinite toggle allow the user to click a “Add another toggle field” and allow the toggle to just click through them.

Or maybe make the toggle button a quick drop down feature that you can set which devices are shown, that would be great also!

Not sure if this is possible but if I can Photoshop it, it has to be code-able right :stuck_out_tongue:

If this can be a thing I will give you a hug @Notrace!


Interesting idea. I think it would still prefer all devices listed in the right-click menu of Equalify though (where it currently offers to reset the EQ position as sole option).


This is what will most likely happen @sbrucherseifer.

@DigidyDOG’s idea is a good one, but with very limited use for the average eqpro user. Listing all the devices in the right click menu of the EQ button would be a “quality of life” improvement for all users that just want to switch output devices fast.