Device - Speaker (Yeti Stereo Micrphone)

Up to just recently I was able to select the Yeti Microphone and use it as a speaker out to hear music through it and place a voice whilst recording. Thus hearing a backing track at the same time as I recorded vocals. Right now however, this is not possible. When one selects the speaker for the Yeti Blue Stereo Microphone Spotify does not play the track at all, it just sits there. If I change it to a different output device it will play straight away. This was previously not an issue. At least, from what I recall it used to be ok about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Is this a feature that will come back to Equalify or not?

Kind Regards, BiBi

Hey there,

I’ve tested with my own Yeti mic/output and nothing has changed.

If it suddenly stopped working for you, its most likely something you installed or some setting you have changed in some other audio software.

Spotify & Equalify supports output through the Yeti the same way it always has.

Have you changed something in voicemeter or some similar app?

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