DDJ-SX could not change sound device

Keep getting error message when switching sound card, could not change sound device sound buffer creation failed

im trying to play spotify using the internal sound card in a pioneer ddj sx but will not work


Hello @archerdnb

I’m afraid you wont be able to switch to the DDJ-* devices, the soundcard in them is one of the few that does not work.

If you look in the “known issues” part of the forum (there should be a link there before you purchase) you will see that the DDJ-* devices aren’t supported.

I wish this worked myself as well as i have a DDJ-SR standing on the desk next to me.
I will hopefully be able to remove them from the incompatible list some day…


thanks for your reply.

unfortunately I did not search through this list before I purchased as I had read that it worked. Without this Equalify pro is useless for me and I would therefore appreciate if you could please cancel my subscription and process a refund.

many thanks

That will be arranged. I expect the refund to be processed by the end of the day (CET)

edit: The refund has been processed.

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