Daily install of Equalify

Hello Guy´s
Since some Day´s I have to reinstall Equalify for using it.
After every restart of the Computer, the Plugin is gone…
I have to run the Setup for getting it back into Spotify.
It worked for Months, now I have to reinstall it everyday.

Operating system:
Wndows 7

Soundblaster Recon3Di
Traktor Audio 2
Logtech G35

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
1.1.6 Pro

Hey !
Almost sounds like you have something running that resets the state of the machine every restart (school or work computer?)
That is definitely not a problem with Equalify itself.

For what you describe to happen the equalify dll would have to be removed from the spotify folder every time you restart your machine, and neither equalify or spotify does that.

What has changed on your computer before this started happening ?

It´s my Home PC

There were only Updates since this year.

Can you restart your computer, then open up %appdata%/spotify in your file explorer and verify that dsound.dll is there.

If it is, Equalify is installed.

If the file is there, can you exit spotify (file->exit) and re-launch spotify (do this a few times and see if equalify loads in one or more of the re-launch attempts),

I did

The dsound.dll is still there.

The funny thing is, this time Spotify crashed by the windows start, after closing the process, equalify was back.

After the second restart, it opend normaly and there was no equalify.

Seems only happening if Spotify is launched by autostart.

Sounds strange, i would disable the auto start for now then.

I might have an update coming out in a couple of days that could fix a couple of things with the latest spotify version + equalify pro + windows 7.

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Yeah I think, this workarround should do it forme

Tanks for your fast help. :slight_smile:

Your plugin is worth the money. It´s gold!

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After the update, everything is fine - works on windowsstart normaly

Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

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