CUSTOM ANALYZER? Visualizer Flexibility is key boys!


Long story short I was intending to use EQUALIFYPro as a visualizer for my live-streams.
Thinking the visualizer would have customization options… WHICH IT DOESN’T SEEM TO HAVE! OH BOY!
Here I was hoping I could make the background green to mask it and the visualizer to become BARS.

So I’ve invested in EQUALIFYpro for the wrong reasons it seems. And I’m here hoping to change that!

Perhaps I was mistaken because of people having videos of previous versions and perhaps because there was a Skin.Json present in the past where you could edit the looks of the visualizer, or should I say ANALYZER!
Now I can’t find any file in the Apps folder within AppData/Roaming/Spotify that could possibly hold those settings.

So here’s my epic suggestions guys!

Give us the power to customize the Visualizer/Analyzer for EqualifyPro!
And I kid you not, this will be a new selling point for EqualifyPro.
That is if you are up for the task to make it just as good as the Musical Spectrum plugin for Foobar2000.

Have a look at how they did it, please !
And also, as you can see in the video link above, it’s perfect because it pops out as a separate WindowsOS Window.
That way in an application like OBS you can easily just select the particular window
and use the green screen to your benefit.

Currently that is also not possible because it’s nested into Spotify, WHY ? Why even do that man?
Perhaps I wanna minimize Spotify but keep the visualizer/analyzer up ? Nope can’t do that either…
DUDE REALLY?! yeah I’m saying dude because I want to be real with the dude that is in charge for this app!

This is essential stuff here!
Let us have that epic Visualizer/Analyzer Customization man !

Thanks in Advance,

Kind regards



Customizing the built in analyzer is not something that is planned… but the ability to load plugins, like the ones that were in the old equalizer will be added to a future build of Equalify pro.

Once plugin capability is added, people will be able to make plugins to do what you are talking about.
There will most likely be a couple of example plugins as well, one of which might be a visualizer with bars instead of the current look. All plugins also run in their own separate window.

Equalify pro does not have any skinning. The old Equalify (free) had skinning, but that also had a completely different GUI and worked in a fundamentally different way.

Also, If you update your Equalify Pro version (from the members area on the website) you will have an EQ that is not nested into Spotify, it runs in its own window. It will still be minimized when you minimize Spotify though.

Also keep in mind that this is an Equalizer, the visualizer/analyzer is just some extra eye-candy that is not the main function of the software.
But there is definitely room for improvement.


Here is a plugin that actually works at the moment, that was made for someone else that wanted to use it for streaming.
The colors were picked to make it easy to chromakey out the background and use OBS to set the foreground color.

I had to dig through a lot of old code to find that and i guess i could make that available, it does not have bars though.


Please do make that available. I also bought the new Pro on the basis of seeing vids of visuals on previous version.

Not complaining, but some better visuals would be cool.



That API Skeleton Example looks like a step in the right direction.
I’m hoping with a patient attitude we can work something like this into Equalify Pro.

It doesn’t have to happen immediately, I just want to see this as a feature in future iterations.
Being able to color code background and analyzer is such a major selling point man, you just need it in there.
Then Add-ons can take it that extra step further and introduce different visualizations like bars for example.

Thanks for taking the time to dig through old builds and files etc.
But I’m telling you man, you’re sitting on a major selling point, even though it’s first and foremost an equalizer and it’s already very solid in that department I can’t help but feel the analyzer part of it would be a game changer if it had customization.

As a friendly reminder once more, if you need a frame of reference, check out the Musical Spectrum for Foobar. Which is, you guessed it, a plug-in / add-on.

Thanks in Advance


I would not expect anything like it to be part of the core EQ. It will all be plugins and the plugin api will be open source, so anyone with some c++ skills will be able to make their own.

The original free Equalify was out for about 3-4 years, and had plugins like this with various looks and customization. I think less than 1% of the hundreds of thousands that used the EQ ever tested out a plugin or was interested in different visualizers. So its not really a huge selling point, but its something i would like to re-add to the current EQ for the few people that do want it.

If you have a simple particular look you want, you should post the details here and something can probably be made. But full customizable everything is something other developers should work on :slight_smile:


Alright Notrace, thanks for taking the time to actually look into this, to me a visualizer can simply be flat bars on a greenscreen. That’s really all I’d need.

So according to the dB the bars in the visualizer will go from cool blue to fire red on a flat green background.

Preferably with tweakable colors, but I’m guessing that’s going to be up to the community with their own creations.
And if you say the plugin api will allow for people to come up with their own crazy visualizer ideas that’s even more appreciated. I’m not that great with C++ but wouldn’t hurt to try.



I do think this is a wonderful idea and could turn out to be pretty lucrative for you, Notrace, as streamers will jump on any software that does the latest cool thing besides, more features are always welcome!


Sadly I was eagerly waiting the release of this new version and even though it is a great
“analyzer” I too only wanted it for the bars like its predecessor. Up until last night i was able to use an old version of Spotify and keep it read only so i could use the old version of Equalify. Windows 10 apparently will not run that version of Spotify anymore period :frowning: My live stream feels so incomplete without this visual. how can I get the above plugin? I will settle for that until I can find time to develop something on my own.