Couldn´t download a valid license for my coputer

Recently, I rewired my PC. Now I have reinstalled my equilizer, want to log in with my data and every time it says that it is already activated somewhere else. Here again the error message:

“Could not download a valid license for your computer. You have probably already activated your license on another computer. If you get this error and you have not already activated, or you purchased a multi device license, please contact support at

So please help me!
Thank you in advance.

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Hi, same problem. Running Win 10, downloaded latest Spotify build directly from website, downloaded latest Equalify build from website. The Eq app login pops up when I start Spotify and play a song. I login and it gives me the message noted in this string. I used the hyper link suggested solution. Went to the Members Area and scrolled down to the bottom of the page and nothing is listed for activated devices. I am running this app on my iPhone only. So any suggestions to solve this issue? Appreciate the help!!

@guydurrett Equalify is not free software. To use it you need to purchase a license. Your username does not have a license associated with it.

Hi!, thanks so much for your timely response. You are correct, I had SpotEq on my iPhone and confused that with Equalify. I did have a Equalify account as my username allowed for reset of my account password. I suspect that when I was looking for a IOS compatible app I found Equalify first and then realized in was Win only, my bad. Anyway just purchased the $15GPB version and will setup my laptop with it. Thanks again for your help! I will get back to you if I have any problems…

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