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I just reported a problem (can’t RMB drag to adjust Q width), but that also affects v1.0.0.

Will antivirus programs stop considering dsound.dll malicious once the final version of 1.1.0 is out? I had to add it to the exception list of AVG AntiVirus to use Spotify again (it terminated right after start every time, even though I told it to ignore the threat).

AVG is the only AV company that has not responded or fixed the false positive. I’ve contacted them in many different ways the last 4-5 days, including support, feedback, false positive report (twice). Not a single response. I am definitely not impressed.

So my suggestion is to switch to a more serious antivirus company.

I’ll consider that, especially because AVG has a lot of annoying ad popups…

Do you know about 360 Total Security Essential (Qihu 360 Internet Security)? That’s apparently one of the best free AV solutions at the moment.

I would appreciate if you could go to :
and submit the dll file and make sure you select false alarm on file.
AVG is the only one that has an “issue” with it. It must be embarrassing for them…
…And they still have not replied to any of my mails, or file submissions. I even reached out on twitter and they asked me to DM them… 2 days later they still have not replied to the DM :confounded:

Edit: i have not heard about that, at the moment i’m being lazy and using the built-in defender/microsoft essentials. I used to use Kaspersky though, was happy with them, but they are not free.

Not sure if correct thread, but our network where I live uses dynamic IPs so Equalify asks almost everytime for license which is annoying because I have to go to deactive the current one first to be able to use the program. Also my Spotify has been freezing lately, even leaving the window on desktop after minimizing it so I have to move my mouse around it to make it disappear.

@JukuriH, If you download the beta version from the members page, all those issues will go away. :slight_smile: It includes activation fixes and a fix for the freezing issue the last couple of Spotify updates introduced.

Please try it and let me know how it goes.

Your IP does not matter when it comes to your activation.

Two things I noticed:

  • After deactivating a license, there’s a dialog popping up about Equalify not being activated every time you start Spotify. It would be nice if it only told you that once. The user could still bring it up clicking the icon that usually opens the Equalify window (ideally, the icon would indicate that’s it’s not available, e.g. diagonal strike-through line). Perhaps add a button to start the uninstaller for convenience?

  • The analyzer stopped working at some point today, and I had to restart Spotify to make it work again. Things I did:

  • Changed output device multiple times, including two virtual sound cards, of which one seems to be broken, because there’s no signal arriving if I try to record from it using Audacity

  • Recorded for an hour using Audacity from a working virtual sound card

  • Played some songs without recording, using the primary audio device with my ear phones plugged into the laptop

  • Played some YouTube videos

  • Played music with VLC and Media Player, but noticed that Media Player wouldn’t play local MP3s (“remote procedure call failed”)

  • Laptop might have gone to energy saving mode during the day, but actually I don’t think so because there was a lot of background activity throughout the day

Hey, Thanks for the feedback!

Point one is working as intended, if you do not have a license for the machine Equalify pro should really not be installed. And if you have it installed the majority of people are going to want to use/activate it. I could maybe add some extra text to the message explaining how to uninstall it.

The analyzer stopped working. Hmm. Only thing i know of that can make the analyzer stop is to play mono tracks, but if i remember right it will start working again when playing a stereo track. Energy saving or playing music in other apps have no effect on it. So its probably the broken VAC that did something.
Did your EQ filters affect the sound when the analyzer wasn’t working ?

  1. I understand that it’s okay the way it is for most people. The circumstances in my case were a license transfer to another machine without uninstalling Equalify, although I did that later because of the popups and it’s not useful anyway without a license.

  2. I don’t think there was a mono track, but I remember some Spotify errors when I tried to record from the VAC (“could not play track” after ~10 seconds of a particular song, that I already played before. It happened multiple times on that very song. I believe it occurred while the broken VAC was selected as output). If I remember correctly, the EQ affected the sound despite the analyzer being broken.


just purchased your great piece of software and I am really happy with it;

Regarding this beta thread may a bit off topic but too small to open a separate one;

On the memberpage ( you could mention that it is necessary to uninstall a previous non pro version before installation, due to otherwise there seems to be a lock on the dsound.dll, which prevents installation to succeed.


Hello @dertom,

I’m glad you like the EQ!

Old versions (including non-pro versions) should be overwritten by the installer as long as Spotify has been shut down before installing. And if Spotify is running, the installer should ask if you want to close Spotify to complete the installation.
I will do some extra tests and see if i can replicate what happened to you.

In the meantime i will add a link to this post on the members page: