#1 (05/07/18)

[*] Fixed a potential crashing bug in the sound buffer unlock function.
[+] Added a limiter to the EQ.
The Limiter can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu.
It’s recommended that the limiter is turned on at all times.
There is a new GUI element under the Gain control that shows
the state of the limiter. Try to keep it in the green or yellow.
If the limiter turns red you should either lower the gain,
or think about fixing your filters.
The limiter will work best with 1ms attack, 10000ms release
and while its in the green or yellow.

[*] Re-arranged some elements in the settings menu and added a new DSP tab
[*] New setting in the GUI tab when the limiter is enabled that lets you
switch the position of the gain and limiter UI elements to easier see
what is going on with the limiter.

Please use this thread for feedback, bug reports and other issues
regarding the limiter feature: (26/04/18) (beta opt-in)

[*] Fixed multiple issues relating to high DPI scaling in windows. (17/03/18)

[*] Fixed a rare issue where a function in Equalify could make the whole spotify window freeze after a long time idle/hibernated/sleep…
*** the two beta updates below are also included in this update for the stable channel… (14/03/18) (beta)

[*] Just a minor icon update and some background code updates to allow for the transparent icon. (12/03/18) (beta)

[*] Fixed issue where windowsize would not change when changing DPI in settings. This could make the EQ gui unusable.
[*] Fixed issue where the EQ button in the new Spotify UI would scale even if button scaling was turned off.
[*] Fixed issue with high DPI monitors where the EQ button would not be clickable
[+] Added window size reset to the “reset EQ position” right click menu (right click the EQ button)
[*] Fixed issue where the EQ would not be hidden when you pressed [X] with “close button should minimize spotify” enabled
[*] A few minor tweaks behind the scenes (17/02/18)

[!] Emergency update to prevent crashes with the new Spotify update (1.0.75.x)

Everyone should download this update ASAP.
This is just an emergency fix and it will be polished in the coming days and weeks.

[*] Fixed an issue with folder permissions in certain languages.

[*] Fixed a couple of unrelated bugs that could cause crashes when changing the output device
[*] Fixed bug where a crash could happen when canceling settings changes in specific circumstances.
[*] The Q limits for bands has been tweaked. Wider range for peak, notch and bandpass filters.

[*] Fixed crash that could happen in the settings window when selecting yes on the “keep changes” dialog when closing the settings window.

[+] Added DPI / Scaling to all the elements of the EQ (set to automatic by default). Can set the scaling of the EQ manually in the DPI tab in the settings window.
[+] Skinning support added. Currently only two built in skins available.
[+] Green Skin added and set as default. Can change to original colors in the GUI tab in the settings window.
[*] Fixed issue with update window where the remind me later button dodnt actually work…
[*] Added scaling to the Update library as well.
[*] Many small fixes and tweaks
[*] “re-branded” from Equalify Pro to Equalify.

[*] Fixes a very elusive bug on windows8/8.1 that caused one of the spotify processes to crash.

[*] This update aims to fix the issues caused by the latest Spotify update (1.0.62).
[*] Several minor fixes and alterations.
[*] Added an option to hide the frequency grid as requested on the forums.
[*] Updated the audio processing

Older changelogs not available…

Being able to turn of limiter