Change Renderer

first excuse my bad English, I’m from Germany
My question: is there a possibility in equalify pro to change the renderer. When a use spotify on my notebook, I would like to use my DLNA speaker (soundbar) Panasonic NE3 for a better sound.
For my local music-files I use the MediaMonkey player. There I can change the renderer e.g. from internal player to my DLNA device Panasonic NE3.

I don’t understand the question maybe @Notrace does.

By renderer do you mean output device? Visualization of the analyzer?


Changing the output device is possible, but Equalify does not really support wireless/bluetooth speakers.
it could work, but i can not promise that it will.

If you connect your soundbar with a cable you will be able to switch between your internal and external speakers without any issues.

Hello Notrace,
thanks for your prompt answer.
I thought, Equalify supports my wireless (DLNA) speaker. But obviously it doesn’t.
So I have to do it with a cable. It is not the best way I looked for, because my soundbar is a little difficult to reach.
Support for wireless devices maybe an option for the future.
Best regards from Germany

I know this is very late, but support for something like this is more OS level than the level Equalify works at - sure, Equalify could implement support for it, but that would not be the proper way and would give zero system-wide support.

Might I suggest you look into this application for system-wide DLNA support: