Cast Devices not showing when Equalify is installed

Could not find any results using just the word “cast” or “play on” or “streaming” so I am posting a new topic.

I have this issue where I can not see my castable devices on the network if Equalify is installed. I know it will not effect the cast devices but would be nice to still be able to cast from my computer without the EQ turning on. The current work around I have found is to open it on my phone, connect to my cast device, then open it on the computer and it will disable Equalify as I want it to and then show me my network cast devices. Is there a way to add this as a feature to allow the network cast devices to be shown and just disable Equalify if one is selected?

Operating system:
Windows 10 Ent x64 LTSC

Google Home and Chromecast Audio

Spotify version (Just updated today before I posted this)

Equalify Pro version
1.4.7 (Just updated today before I posted this)

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system
As said above, I can force it to work if I cast from my phone first then open the desktop app on the computer but I can not get it to register them if I open on the computer first. Everything is on the same VLAN and I also have all the multicast ports listed by Google and Spotify open on the firewall appliance to allow non-discriminant forwarding internally and externally to the Google and Spotify servers as well as internal devices on the network. It does this regardless of LAN / WLAN connection used. I can even get the devices to register when my phone is on Data and not WiFi. The only way I have found to get it to work again is to uninstall Equalify but I DONT want to do that for when I actually do need to use it on an AUX line.

Hey there,

Thank you for the detailed description of what’s happening

On my machines, with or without Equalify, all my devices show up if they have been active recently.
So if i open the app on my phone, without playing or anything, it will pop up in the “connect to a device” tab pretty much instantly. Same with other machines that has a Spotify window open, or tv/apple tv.
The Spotify connect tab will only contain devices that has been open or active recently.

If Spotify is not in the foreground or playing on my phone it will eventually be removed from castable targets as well… i assume the same goes for the Chromecast and google home and other devices you might have.

I do not have google home or a Chromecast myself to test with, but i have a lot of other devices that all show up as expected.

There honestly is nothing i can do - that i can think of - about that issue if it happens for you, because there is nothing in Equalify that should be able to affect it in any way shape or form.

Equalify does not interact with anything except the audio from Spotify so this sounds very strange to me.

Shoot. Ok. I was hoping it was something with the lockout like when you first install Equalify and it wont play until you login to your pro account to verify purchase. It’s also weird because it just started happening. The google devices are online all the time too so they should be “recently active” all the time. Thank you for your help in the matter. I will report back to this post if I figure out what is going on.

A little tip that might help you a bit with seeing what is going on is to start spotify with the /show-console argument.

Will give you a lot of output in a console window, including attempted connections to local devices and spotify connect. including ip’s, http location of the service, mac addresses ++