Can't restore minimized Spotify with Equalify installed

Hey there, i have a really annoying problem for a while now:

Problem description:
When i minimize Spotify while Equalify is installed “and active (icon at the top left is visible)”, then i can’t restore the minimized window again. I have to right click the taskicon or double click the trayicon and “reopen” it, but a single click on the taskicon won’t do it.

I already uninstalled Spotify and Equalify, deleted all traces of both Apps (all Spotify and Equalify folders in Appdata), restarted my pc and reinstalled everything. My installation process:

  1. Installed Spotify and logged in
  2. Tested if Spotify is minimizing and restoring (it does)
  3. Closed it (checked Taskmanager for background processes)
  4. Installed Equalify
  5. Started Spotify
  6. Played a Song and logged in to Equalify
  7. Song is playing
  8. Minimized Spotify
  9. “This f**** Spotify won’t open again!” :triumph::joy:

Sometimes the first minimize test is working, if i “reopened” Spotify. After that it won’t open again.

I also tested the below Apps, if they are the cause of the problem.

Here some gifs:
Without Equalify:
With Equalify:

I really could use some help here.

Operating system:
Windows 10 Pro x64 latest Update

Realtek onboard with default Windows driver (not the Realtek driver)
Rode NT-USB with default driver

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version (master.0015859)

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
Rivatuner, Logitech Gaming Software, Dropbox

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Hey, Thanks for the detailed report.

I’m on vacation at the moment and only have a mac with me, so i’m not able to do any testing.
BUT, it looks like you have “minimize to tray” enabled?

Could you try disabling that in the spotify preferences and see if that helps at all?

If that helps i have a good idea what the issue is and it should be an easy bugfix when i get back home.

I’ll also move this to the bug section so its easier to keep track of :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick replay.

It seams I’lI have to disappoint you… :disappointed_relieved: I tried disabling it and restarted Spotify afterwards, but the problem persist whether it’s toggled or not.
Just take your time. A bugfix for this would be nice, but not urgent.

PS: Enjoy your vacation :wink:

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I’m back and i’ve done some testing, and there is just nothing i can do to replicate this.
No matter how i minimize, with or without the EQ window visible or “minimize to tray” enabled it always works.
I just can not think of any reason why it would behave like that on your computer.

So at the moment i can not really promise a fix, because i have no idea whats causing it… will keep looking though…

I’m facing the same issue but only using keyboard shortcuts. Alt+tab doesn’t work, WinKey+Up/down arrow neither.

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