Can't get sound to match Winamp

Hi, I have Winamp with the EQ set to the ‘Full Bass and Treble’ preset. Playing the exact same song in Winamp vs spotify you can tell a notable difference in quality; the highs are a lot less clear and muffled, and jamming the highs up in the EQ doesn’t seem to do a whole lot. Can someone advise how I can match the output from this to Winamp’s full bass+treble eq preset?

BTW I don’t think it’s the plugin’s fault, I bought it to try and correct this issue in the first place, but it doesn’t seem to be helping enough.

Do you have the EQ in the ±14 scale?

Also do you adjust the gain as you raise the gain on the Frequency?

In addition:

Do you have high quality streaming enabled in spotify?
If you use the free version of Spotify the music quality will probably be worse than that of a half decent mp3 on your computer.


Make sure the volume normalizing is turned off under advanced settings in spotify.

Yes I have tried all those things and I have a paid account. I’m using optical audio to a Pioneer Elite amp. Mostly I think the problem is that this plugin simply just processes sound different than winamp. I would definitely prefer a non-parametric version, but there may be some other audio processing that could be done. You should try A/B testing some lossless CD rips with winamp using the Full Bass & Treble EQ preset against spotify tracks vs with your plugin. On a good system there is a noteable difference in audio quality in the high end. Lows are fine, but the highs don’t have near the same clarity. If I flatten EQ on both apps, then the songs sound identical, so that tells me it’s an audio processing issue not a source issue. If you can send over a preset that matches winamp Full Bass & Treble though I would be incredibly grateful.