Can't find Equalify icon

Reinstalled Spotify. Activated and updated Equalify. Do not see Equalify icon on Spotify

same issue

Same here. Seems like there was a UI update for Spotify. I think it has something to do with it.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hmm… after a restart of Spotify it shows up. Seems to be another issue on your side.

I’ve installed equalify and loaded up spotify but it’s not prompting the equalify login window. why not?

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Hello guys,
I am aware of a UI update coming to Spotify “soon”.
Unfortunately i do not have access to the update ahead of time, so i will not be able to solve any issues it brings along with it until i get the update on one of my development machines.

That’s the unfortunate reality when I’m not associated or partnered with Spotify in any way, shape or form :slight_smile:

They should hire you!
I’m so in love with this plugin since 2015 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Read some of the threads in this forum. I’d bet there is a solution.

New UI has been released and good news - Equalify seems to be working fine with the new update (spotify version 1.1.57.x):

Yes, it worked fine after the auto update.
But as the OP says; After a fresh install of Spotify and eventually new installation of Equalify - the Equalify logo fails to show up.
So currently Equalify is broken for me, too :frowning:

I did a fresh install, due to it was suggested to me in spotify forum, due to another issue showing up after the ui update. Shouldn’t have touched it -.-

UUHHH - after hitting the play button Equalify shows up again :smiley:

Ok, works fine for me now.

Thanks for this great piece of software <3

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