Can't Download?

Just brought this and when I download the msi file is 0kb and won’t run. Tried on other pc’s and such. Can anyone give me a working link to it or the beta???

Hello @pepsimax, the normal and beta download on the members page works fine as far as i can tell.
All logs show that everything is fine as well.

So i’m not sure whats going on on your side, could you please try again and see if you still have issues.

Actually, If you tried downloading via the dropdown menu, that wasn’t working and should not have been there at all, use the buttons on the website. Theres a big blue button to download Equalify 1.0.0 near the top.

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I see no download button. This is my members area.
This is my payment ID: 81371206354978

How strange.
The Payment shows as completed in the payment database, but the user database had not been completely updated.

The missing value has been fixed and your account should work now.

Did you hit cancel on the members page after making a payment? Its the only explanation i can think of.

(example image)

I canceled that one and got the “Top Tier” one for 15.
[admin: deleted image with personal info]

The image above was just an example to show the cancel link, your payment info should all be correct on the members page

Might want to remove that image, has personal info in it or blank it out

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Only had my name on it. Don’t see the deal about that but okay.
Seems like you fixed it cause my members page is loading now. Thanks.

I just took a look at the web server access logs.

Looks like you selected the top tier, then hit the cancel button while you were paying (probably to cancel the most popular, in another tab?), before the callback from paypal that the payment was complete.

This is an edge case I’ve not seen happen before, but i will definitely look into it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Can you please verify that the members page looks correct now, and that you can see the download links :slight_smile:

Yeah its all good now thanks :smiley:

Thank you for your patience, and i’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

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