Cant activate equalify pro on new pc

hey guys i cant activate my equalify pro on spotify on my new pc

Please see this:

I cant see a license code or key :frowning: so can you tell me in german oder can you send me a german support my englisch is bad :slight_smile:

Try logging in with your other account “Orny” (not “Orny1234”)
That should work better :slight_smile:

ok i try this and now he stay Available activations: 0 and now?

if you log in with the right account Orny you can deactivate the old license key at the bottom of the members page.

ok thx i have it :wink: thx for your help :slight_smile:

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Hey i have same problem. And i cant see any licence keys. What should i do?

Well, First you should purchase an Equalify Pro license, then you will be able to activate :wink:

Equalify Pro is not free software, you need a paid license to use it.

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