Cannot start....spotify freeze...cannot activate equalify....VERY BAD START

I bought this app and the activate system is from the stone age.

I am using win 10, and the manual process fail too?

Where I have to place that key? the spotify freezes and I dont konw what to do with the equalify.dat.

If you dont solve this, I will get my money back, because it is a very, very, very bad impression.


I will need:
Spotify version
You will find the version info in the Help->About menu

Equalify Pro version
You will find the version info in Settings->About

Any special software you might have installed:
ie. Razer Gamebooster or Cortex

If Equalify Pro has not asked you to download the key manually, you should not do so. If it asks it will provide you with full instructions on how to download and where to place it. So far i can not recall anyone having to use the manual download option.

Does Spotify freeze when loading Equalify? Does it freeze after Equalify has loaded?

well, the app is now active.

But where are the app in spotify? I am using the beta, I have re istalled it 2 times, and I cannot see it anywhere in Spotify

You have to play a song first and some green bars will appear above the “file, edit, view” buttons.

Top right corner, you will see a green icon that “looks like an eq”

Click it and the EQ will show inside the spotify window.

If you have the beta installed, you can place the EQ anywhere on the screen, right click the EQ button above and select reset position to reset it to where your Spotify window is.

i played more than 10 songs… theres nothing near the spotify logo. only a beta symbol above the spotify logo

Beta symbol near the spotify logo ?
Please post a screenshot of your spotify window.

now I uninstalled the beta and instaled the normal version of the app

but it is saying that i installed it in another computer…etc etc etc

It says to call support.

I am trying

That beta was not betta, it was the green bars. I am using a 4k 65 inch television, sometimes its difficult to see small things. So I decided to uninstall beta version and go on with the normal version…can be something from win 10

by the way, the green bars i tried to select, to open with right click, but nothing happened.

Please continue to use the beta version you downloaded, it includes several fixes and built in presets, there has not been any reported issues with it.

if you saw the green bars, you should have clicked them to show the EQ, left click.

I’m on a 4k 32" monitor myself and the icon seems clear enough for me.