Cannot install desktop Spotify

I have uninstalled spotify. Deleted the folder. Ran full installer, but I cannot for the life of me install the desktop version. While I would love to use this app, I don’t want to perform surgery on my computer or shutdown the appstore just to run this app.

The forums are so messy and difficult to read and I haven’t seen any posts as of recent so it’s making me doubt my purchase.

If I cannot perform simple steps to installing the correct version of spotify then this isn’t the correct app for me.

I’m sorry this is redundant, but I have spent too much time on this and I am extremely frustrated with this process. I have uninstalled spotify 10+ times already trying to install the damn desktop version. Every single time it defults to the “windows store version”

Please advise.


Seeing as you have filed a dispute with paypal there is not much we can do to help you.
You can not reasonably expect to get an immediate answer on a forum at 10pm.

Had you not filed a dispute, we would probably have just refunded the purchase. But now that there is a dispute for “item not as described” we can not refund. Accepting your dispute would mean we accept that the software is not as described and we would get a strike on our account on on paypal.

It clearly states on the front page of the website that the store version isn’t supported.

The Windows Store version of Spotify is not currently supported.

The software works for most people, and the people it doesn’t work for we try our best to help, and if we can not get it to work, we refund. We have tens of thousands of happy customers and only a tiny fraction has had issues.

The problem with the Store version of Spotify is a problem Spotify created about a year ago when they broke their installer, making it almost impossible to uninstall the store version once it had been installed once. There are ways to fix it, but its tedious.

"Unfortunately despite my best effort their software doesn’t work with the generally accepted version of Spotify"
The normal desktop version is the generally accepted version of Spotify and has been so for the last 10 years.

This is a serious company and we are not interested in taking your money if you cant use the software.
If you want a refund you should close the dispute so we can refund the purchase the normal way.

And the reason there has not been a lot of activity the last few months on the forum is that not many people have issues, and if they do they can solve them by reading old posts.

I understand your frustration and I have no problem canceling the dispute. I did it as a fail safe in the event you didn’t respond. I will cancel the dispute and would love to work with you guys to get this resolved with your help. There have to be people who managed install the desktop version. I unfortunately have the app version on my PC.

I know it clearly states it, but it also seemed reasonably simple concept to uninstall and reinstall the application elsewhere. Then after googles and youtubing it I started to feel like perhaps the reason there wasn’t much activity was because people stopped using it. Obviously that’s not the case.

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Thank you for working with me on this.

The first thing i want to ask is if you have another machine with the regular desktop version installed that is working.

If so you can follow these steps:

…seemed reasonably simple concept to uninstall and reinstall the application elsewhere.

It really should be that simple, but they have really messed something up with that store version installer.

When installing the store version - which happened automatically for a lot of people a time a while back - it looks like they set a flag on your account making all future installs auto-update to the store version again. When installing the desktop version, it will migrate to the store on first launch.

But if you follow the steps in the post above it looks like the flag is removed and all future installs will stay as the desktop version.

If you do not have another computer with the regular desktop version i could probably zip up a freshly installed folder for you. But i would rather not as we are not supposed to distribute the Spotify files.

Also, in cases with the store version being installed and the user being unable to use the software a refund is always on the table, just ask.

So I have good news and not so good news.

The good news is that at home on my Gaming/Streaming PC I was able to get Equalify to work. I uninstalled the app, did a full install, installed equalify and it worked. The good thing is that is the computer I really bought it for. My work PC which is where I was having the nightmare still doesn’t have the desktop version.

Not the end of the world, but I would like it to work so I could mess with the eq for when I am listening to music. I’ll try and do the steps above, but I’m at work now so can’t grab the folder.

I’ll consider that good news.

The process above has worked for several people that has tried it, but there is no guarantee.
I know it might be annoying to have to grab the files yourself but we can not legally re-distribute the Spotify files

Please let me know how it goes, and if it doesn’t work we can see if we can figure out something else!

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