Cannot get equalify to install

Problem description:
ive just got a new pc, ive installed spotify from website, ive installed equalify pro, started spotify, play songs then nothing happens…

ive tried uninstalling and re installing nothing still… i tried unlinking the key to my old pc. nothing still…

Operating system:

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version


If you are using with Windows 10 store version of spotify this article will help.

If you aren’t using that version the developer will put his words in when he gets a chance.

im certain i havent installed the store version.,… so any help??

a quick update… my spotify is version now…

a reinstall of equalify is still doing nothing… been over 2 weeks now since its worked.

What kind of computer and soundcard(s) do you have. (including usb audio devices)

Have you checked this post:

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