Cannot activate the software

I can’t activate my equalify! When I’m have to enter my user and password it won’t connect. Would you help out please?

Are you 100% sure you are using the correct username (not email) and password ?

Yes I’m sure, I’ve tried a few times.

Are you at work? Behind a firewall?

If so, send me the HWID that you are provided when you select manual activation.

I’m at home!

Here it is 1BD26756-A8A9E7C6-7D882680-3E6A471B

I’ve activated the HWID you sent me.

You can download the key at the bottom of the members area.
You will then have to place the key file in the %appdata%/equalify folder. This folder can be opened for you automatically if you try to activate with a wrong user/pass and hit the manual activation button in the error message.

After you have placed the key in the right folder, you will need to restart Spotify for the EQ to load

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