Can Open Equalify But Music Has No Sound


When I Logged into equalify on spotify and went to play a song after opening equallify there was no audio (it would show seconds moving on the track time) then Spotify would say it “Can’t Play This Song” or something along those lines.

Made sure all audio drivers were updated and I dont have any other add ons to interfere with it.

Didn't Work for Intended Use

Bought Equalify today to hide my spotify music from my stream but after many efforts to do so i was unable to and now I have a plugin for spotify that i dont have use for and I spent money on it, would appreciate it if you guys would help me out as im not the wealthiest guy.



You said you got Equalify to hide music from your stream.
You wouldnt happen to use voicemeeter (banana) or virtual audio cable ?

At least if using voicemeeter this can happen if voicemeeter is set up using the wrong options.

Could you list your OS, Spotify version, audio card(s) (including usb ones), “special” apps (like voicemeeter or other audio related apps) and anything else that could be useful.

Lets try to figure out whats wrong first, If we cant get it to work i’ll refund it :slight_smile: