Can devices be activated/deactivated at will?

I’m thinking of buying the $10 license, and I have a question about how an “activation” works.

If I get 15 activation’s with the $10 license, does this get me 15 one-time activation’s? Or can I deactivate a device after…say… I have to reformat my PC? Does it go by “activation’s”, total? or would it pickup on the same windows key if I were to re-install the same copy/key of windows, and only count this as 1 activation?

I’m just trying to get an idea of how long a license would last for me and my 3-4 PC’s/Laptops, if every activation/re-activation increases the counter.



There is some lieutenancy but as long as you aren’t breaching the EULA you should be fine.

understood. Thank you for your reply. It was a big help!

Like DigidyDOG said - An activation was meant to be a one-time activation. But you will be able to reset an activation a limited amount of times. One-time activations just weren’t fair to the users in my opinion :slight_smile:

And yes don’t break the EULA :slight_smile:

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