Broke My spotify - Can not unintall either program, or reinstall either program

( If you have problems with Spotify 1.0.47.x check out the thread in the beta category: Beta - For anyone with Spotify v1.0.47 (and above) issues - not loading - no audio and do not post in the support forum. Post in the beta thread.)

Problem description:
Installed program, restarted PC, pressed play, logged into equalify, then spotify crashed, opened tried again crash,
does not matter what i do,
i can not uninstall either program, or reinstall them now, and can not play one song, equalify doesn’t show up in spotify either.

Operating system:
windows10 64 bit

onboard, Asus motherboard

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
can not find, - just installed/downloaded 16/05/2017 - 2:27am

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
There is lots of programs on my computer ranging from logitech game panel, to nvidia video control panel. and also mutliple movie/sound editing programs, included is multiple Virtual Audio Lines, Some defaulted via reltek.

Youd’ have to specify more on what type of special hardware and software.

Was Able to uninstall equalify, and spotify instantly worked.

Equalify uninstall file was detected via AVAST Security anti virus program as 2x different types of viruses

Virus 1 - FileRepMalware
Virus 2 - IDP.Generic.8c3005aef269.3.2

Still had to delete the equalify folder, as i could not get the uninstall folder to restore from virus vault.

To adress the AVAST issue first:
There is no reason for AVAST to complain about anything having to do with Equalify Pro.
As long as you downloaded from our website the files are guaranteed clean and signed to prevent modification.

Recent scan of the installer(which includes the uninstaller) and the Equalify Pro Binary,’
Directly from the website:

Now to your crashing issue, i guess it could have something to do with your Virtual audio lines(cables?).
Could you try setting your default output in windows to your normal audio driver/card and see if that helps ?

gave it a try, reinstalled the equalify, restarted, entered user info, and then it just crashes after that point.

here is the image of my audio devices,

the main one i use is the logitech G933 wireless headset.

Does it still crash if you have the Realtek Speaker output set as default ?

I do have alot of audio cables tho, which majority are unabled to be uninstalled due to be linked to one of my audio editing programs.

yes still crashed

Issue Resolved Audials One - Spotify crash with Equalify 1.1.7

Audials One, Program Conflict

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