Bring back visualizers


i really liked the visualizer from the old equalify itd be nice to bring it back


Which one are you thinking about ? The built-in “bars” or one of the plugins ?


please bring back visualizers! <3


+1 for better visuals, ideally with full-screen option.


probably both. i remember it had a default test plugin visualizer and then there were some others that were included also but had to be loaded in. either way visualizers would be cool to see again.


Can we have an option for the analyzer to show before equalization? - The “raw” input? That would help me to adjust my bands (at least the idea of how I am seeing this in my head makes me believe so)



I don’t think any Graphic EQ does this even on my old church’s $5000 32 Channel Digital Soundboard (it to had a graphic EQ similar to the one built in Equalify Pro).

But as always @Notrace will give his opinion on the suggestion.


Thanks for the response; I wasn’t sure if it was even a thing, but thought I would check. It seemed to make theoretical sense to me, but sometimes my ideas don’t work for reasons unknown to me, haha.


The reason you want to see post analyzer is to see what your corrections are doing to the audio. I like you though @Brian you think outside the box! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Brian, This was actually a thing during the early development of the EQ.

The visualizer could show the pre- and post-equalization graphs, at the same time or one by one.
It was more of a novelty feature than something really useful though, but it was fun seeing the effect of the filters compared to the original audio.

Should be fairly simple to add this again, but it does come at a cost - Live analyzing the audio twice(before and after) requires more cpu usage, and so does rendering the visualizer twice.

The cpu usage is why it was removed in the first place.


Would also love to see the visualizer return. Any update on this?


There is a built in analyzer/visualizer in Equalify pro that can be turned on and off in the toolbar. Plugin support, which will add the option of 3rd party visualizers, is not planned until version 2 of EQpro.