Bought the wrong package. Do i have to buy the other one or can i upgrade?


Bought the wrong package… paypal took 5GBP in taxes so i payd 10 GBP and thought i got the 15 devices… Is it possible to upgrade or do i have to buy the package all over again?


That sounds very strange, PayPal should not take any tax from you other than add VAT to the total if you live in Norway.
All the PayPal fees are taken from our account after the payment has completed.

The records here show that you selected and paid for the £5 license. I would suggest checking your PayPal account transaction log to find out what happened. We only received the £5 for the basic license.

Upgrades are possible if that is needed:


Hello again. Yeah its cost 5 GBP but cost me 5 GBP in taxes 2! And no its did not take it afterwards. Had to pay 10 theren and then! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for reply :slight_smile:


how do i upgrade from basic to multiple devices?


Like this:


Any news on this?