Bigger dB range?


I notice the EQ only lets me go up to/down to -/+4 dB. Any chance we can increase that threshold? Times I want to have background beats going and lower the highs by a bit to remove the distracting high hats/snares. And maybe there is a way and I’m not seeing it. Thanks!


Use you scrollwheel to zoom in/out :grinning:
It goes up to +/- 16dB


Ugh I’m such an idiot. I should’ve tried that :wink: thanks for the speedy response. Glad to finally have found a spotify EQ.


Happy to help!

Bonus tip: hover the bottom of the eq(where the hz numbers are) and use the scroll-wheel to zoom in on the low or high end for better accuracy!

Also lots of options if you right click the bands(the dragable circle)