Beta opt-in built into the EQ settings (implemented)


I would like to see the beta opt-in built into the program similar to Steam or VyprVPN:

Steam Open beta program:

Closed/Private beta:


This would make a great improvement because if you have a beta that is doing good and is almost ready for release you could allow the open beta, similar to the first steam picture (where anyone that has the program can opt-in) and if you have a more experimental/buggy build you could give that to your closed beta testers like the second steam picture.

Once you opt-in the beta would download and update and when you opt-out it will revert back to the stable build.


Beta discussion thread

Keeping the Opt-in setting in the client itself sounds like a much better solution than having it on the website.
Having it in the client will make it easier for the user to be part of testing, and to Opt-out again.

There will still be closed betas for the “insiders” and the Opt-In will be for the public beta.
However i will not make it re-install the original version when opting out, if you have a beta version and want to go back to the latest stable version you will have to re-install it from the installer.

All in all, i’ll most likely go with the opt-in check-box on in the client instead of on the website… Its just a much cleaner way to do it!