Beta - For anyone with Spotify v1.0.47 (and above) issues - not loading - no audio

I’m running windows 10.

Just got the new Spotify update.

Downloaded new version of equalify. Now no playback sound.


Worked for me! Happy!

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Same issue, can you give me the beta link please?

Worked perfectly, windows 10 pro 64bit :slight_smile:


Loaded Equalify Dsound.dll:
master.169a867-3059 24.01.2017 @ 18:44:43

Process version:
built in preset count=10
total preset count=15

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Having the same issue, windows 10 and spotify It sometimes shows up, but not all the time.

The 1.1.6 version of Equalify doesn’t solve it.

Hey @Notrace I was supposed to install the supplied beta version of Equalify because the equalizer wasnt showing up for me (as stated in Installed latest version of equalify, but it is not working). I was just about to install 1.1.7 to fix this issue, however, Spotify installed a new update… And now the 1.1.6 eq/device selecter is working just fine!

  • Windows 10
  • Spotify version
  • Equalify version 1.1.6 (I did not use the received 1.1.7 dev version)

Hope I was able to help with this info… They (spotify devs) are definately not making this easy for you hehe. Thanks for the great support man.

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I’m running Windows 10 PRO 64bit and spotify version and Equalify 1.1.6. I’m not getting any sound out of Spotify until i reinstall Equalify 1.1.6.

Windows 10, using latest Equalify (1.1.6) and no sound from Spotify at all.

Development version worked. Thanks very much Notrace.

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I need the dev version as well.

Windows 10 x64, Spotify, latest Equalify

C:\Users\Ashneil\AppData\Roaming\Equalify only has sources.txt, uninstall.dat and uninstall.exe. There should be more stuff right?

I have tried it 4 times since yesterday. The ‘not available’ message only comes up after installing Equalify :frowning: I have to uninstall equalify to get tracks to play again.

Edit: notice that the bottom of the console log does not appear.

Thanks again

OS: Windows10
Spotify Version:

No Audio - Using lastest Equalify (1.1.6)

Hello. Same problems here > no sound ( Spotify version1.0.47.13.gd8e05b1f ), no Equalify ( 1.1.6 ).

Windows 10 (64) - 1607
No problems before this ( Spotify ) version!

Thx for giving us this thread - J.

Looks like this dev version solves the issues for everyone (except technoash, but that seems to be an unrelated issue we will look into seperately)
I will post an update on the website by the end of the day tomorrow(Monday). It could also come sooner.

Thank you to everyone that has helped test the development version and provided feedback. Very much appreciated!
I will post another message here when the release version is out so you can update and get rid of the console window :slight_smile:

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Seems like dev version fixed my ongoing issues :smile:

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The dev version brought it all back - thank you


( " this song is not available " - @ technoash > this is indeed a Spotify ‘thing’ : It has happened to many of us, and there are equally many solutions - which worked for me a while ago, good luck with that )

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Seems to only happen for him with equalify installed though, but he is using an unsupported (xonar) soundcard so that is the probable cause. Will continue talking to him in PM to see if we can solve it :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a new version of Equalify Pro on the website. Version 1.1.7 (not beta, and no console window)

You should probably update if you don’t want the console to show up when you use Spotify!

Link here:

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Thanks @Notrace for fixing my issue. It was related to my Xonar DGX. I needed to install the unified drivers in c-panel mode.

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Thanks @Notrace for releasing Equalify 1.1.7 it works perfect! Do we get further info about what caused the problem you fixed?