Beta - Equalify 1.2.5 (Spotify 1.0.62 not loading fix)

Please post any issues with the latest Equalify 1.2.5 update here.
Hopefully this thread will not have a lot of replies!

Fox for “The application was unable to start correctly” on windows 8:

1pm: Updated installer added to website
2pm: Automatic updating of Equalify has been enabled for all users

I’m confused… got this error (with spotify 62 and equalify 1.2.5) and spotify wont load


It wont load at all ?
Could you provide some stats about your computer - OS, CPU. GPU, Soundcard(s)

load a entire black window with 3 menus… but nothing more than this…

Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 (Realtek HD ALC888B)
Core i5 750
GeForce GTX 750
Windows 8.1 Pro

I thought this update was supposed to fix that.
It did for the people that tested it and on my test machines.
The problem is that this Spotify update behaves very different from previous Spotify versions and i can not seem to replicate that issue when using Equalify 1.2.5 (on any machine…)

From what i understand, when you start Spotify it only shows a the dark screen with 3 menus and nothing else happens ?
When does the error message show?
Do the crashes/freezes add a log entry in the windows event log ?

I did a v60 fresh install, and then it auto update to 62 :frowning:
Is that a way to prevent Spotify from auto updating?
When I start Spotify, it show that error message and then black screen:

cant get spotify to work after installing the 1.2.5 patch… tried uninstalling equalify and spotify worked again… then tried re-installing equalify again and goes it back to original spotify problem

Same problem as the person above ?

seems that way yes

Do you have some time to do some testing/digging around ?
And if so, do you use any chat services (slack/discord/irc/…) ?

I cant replicate this issue on any of the development machines or with any of the people in my test group so i will need help from someone with the issue to be able to figure out what to do about it.

unfortunatly not. its late and ive got work early tomorrow… im going to do a full uninstall on both apps and reinstall tomorrow to see if that helps…

If you are lucky and get the previous Spotify version when you reinstall you should be ok, but it will auto update to the latest and the issue will be back.

@lucasfxd and @shaggyxlfdy :
Feel free to let me know if you have time some day, as i said there does not seem to be a way to fix this issue that is limited to very few people without help from someone that actually has the issue :slight_smile:

There might be, but that isn’t really a solution.

Re-downloaded and reinstalled both apps, still the same issue. Once I start Equalify, Spotify freezes like mad.

Crashes, or freezes like the people above ?
Huge difference :slight_smile:

My bad, edited. Pardon me.

I get the same error and then the frozen black screen.

I’m afraid i still do not have a solution for that.
This update fixed it for most people, but a small random selection of people still has the issue.

This message goes out to anyone with the issue:

Would be helpful if you use some chat service, discord/slack/IRC/…
And it would be even more helpful if we could use something like teamviewer.

Invite to a discord channel for this issue:

I can talk on discord: infinity#7379

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@Notrace I managed to a .dmp file of my spotify. I will pm you the file/link. For those of you who are help to test for this issue and can not get windows to produce a .dmp file, you can use this program here

Same exact problem here.
Windows 8.1 Pro
Equalify 1.2.5 (fresh install)
Spotify (fresh install)

Spotift launches to an error message and is then stuck on a black screen.

2017-09-06 19_59_45-Spotify

I just bought equalify as well, can’t activate it from behind my corp firewall. I have to say … not the best experience so far. I wish there was a 24 hour trial or something to figure out these issues before paying. :confused: