Awww: totally sad, this euqalizer doesn't have an auto leveler feature


I came to this equalizer from a forum (I don’t remember where the original post was), where people were discussing options for auto equalizing the volume of songs in Spotify. Someone mentioned this equalizer, so I bought it.

Sadly, it looks like your equalizer doesn’t have this feature at all. It lets you adjust a fixed equalization level which will apply to every song. I was hoping it would be able to automatically raise and lower the volume, to try to keep all my songs at approximately the same volume level, and to ensure that the quiet parts of my songs are gracefully brought up in volume.

Way back in the day when I used winamp, it had a plugin like this. The winamp one was fancy, it would gradually adjust the volume based on the average of what’s been played, but it also would look ahead in the audio file and use that information as well. Sudden volume changes would be instantly adjusted, whereas gradual volume changes would be gradually averaged out. It wasn’t just a simple a limiter. It actually changed the volume in real time, very intelligently. And it just worked. So wish I had a feature like that for spotify.