Audio Issues (no music, random pop/clicks)



Wow lots of activity here! Thanks everyone, I will try the suggested fix soon, will let you know how it goes!


Do you experience some audio crackling?
It’s subtle, trying to figure out if it’s just me or not.


This fix worked perfectly, thanks so much! I’m sorry I’ve just read the rest of the thread after applying the fix, so I don’t have the original corrupt file any more… hopefully you can still hunt down as to why this happened, but at least we have a fix! Thanks again :smiley:


Dont worry about the file that was not the cause of anything after all…

Please check if you have some very subtile crackling/static noise in the audio after the fix… easiest heard with headphones.


Now that you guys mention it, yeah there is definitely some cracking noise. It’s actually quite noticeable in certain songs, mostly during the quieter parts. Would you like a video/audio recording that demonstrated it?


i already have a couple of videos, but feel free to make one where it shows off the most!

I can not replicate the issue on any of my machines so i have to rely on you all for testing and audio samples :slight_smile:


I might have an idea on whats causing it give me a couple of minutes, no need for a video now!


Oh nice! Well I’ve got a video if you need it :slight_smile:


Also I saw you ask about Windows updates earlier, I have in fact installed a few Windows updates in the past week or so, around when this issue initially started. Might well be related!


@Datlisk @andree77 @MrJDucky @Wilza

I’m back after a mammoth debugging session!

I have updated the file on the webserver. So if you could please re-download and re-try it would be very much appreciated! Please provide feedback below!

Test download removed, please download the latest installer to update!


I came here looking for a solution to this problem (exactly the same symptoms as the other posters) - I can confirm that the latest dll solves the problem for me.


I can't hear music when I switch Equalify on, but when it's off I can hear the music

This worked for me, thank you so much! :grin:


Perfect! Works like a charm, thank you so much! Crackle-free music sounds so good :smiley:


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